Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Isla de Vieques, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands, is located between Puerto Rico and Saint Thomas, just six miles off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. 21miles long by 5 miles wide with about 10,000 inhabitants, it remains like the Caribbean of the past—tranquil, lush and uncrowded. Natural beauty abounds here—spectacular beaches, crystal blue and turquoise water, rolling hills blanketed with palms and tropical vegetation, horses roaming free. Vieques has wonderful attractions and there's plenty to do, but what makes it most special is what you won't find here—no malls, no movie theaters, no traffic lights, no hustle-bustle and no hassles.

The currency is the dollar, the postal service is U.S. Postal Service, English is spoken by most locals (Spanish is the official language), and no passport is required. The electrical current is the same as in the U.S., 110 AC. The temperature does not fluctuate outside the 60–90 degrees and is usually in the mid 80's. The island is rather dry with no clearly defined rain season.

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