Sopas / Soups

Ajiaco / Tropical Vegetable Stew

This hearty soup is distinctive for its combination of Caribbean, Spanish and African influences. Created by African slaves using local roots that were like African tubers.

Gazpacho / Cold Vegetable Soup

Crisp, fresh?vegetables, herbs and spices in a chunky, picante tomato base.

Potage de Judias / Navy Bean Soup

Mami Aida's special recipe. Beans, vegetables and ham combine to make this thick, hearty soup extra special!

Sopa de Albondigas / Meatball Soup

Savory meatballs and?fresh vegetables in a hearty broth.

Sopa de Chicharos / Pea Soup

Peas, chorizo (spicy, Spanish sausage), Mami Aida's sofrito (vegetables, herbs & spices), Umm, Umm Good!

Sopa de Pure de Frijoles Negro / Puree of Black Bean Soup

Quintessential  Cuban. Velvety rich and smooth. Delightfully seasoned.   Delicioso!

Sopa de Garbanzos / Chick Pea Soup

Chick peas, chorizo and vegetables.

Sopa de Mango Frio / Cold Mango Soup

Mangos are pureed and blended with yogurt and lime with a hint of orange liqueur.

Sopa de Platanos Verde / Plantain Soup

This delectable, satisfying soup of green plantains, vegetables, herbs and spices in a rich beef base is a classic. Cuban as the Royal Palms!

Sopa de Pollo / Chicken Soup

Chicken, vegetables and noodles. Mami Aida will make a big pot just for you. Guaranteed to cut the autumn chill!