Party Production Division

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Client Ombudsman & Case Manager

Your personal Have Taste – Will Travel Case Manager will be your primary contact during the party production phase, and will be an advocate and ombudsman for you throughout the entire process. I’ll ensure that your party is given the attention to detail that it deserves. I’m the person you’ll contact with any new information about the party or changes that you need and I’ll resolve any questions or concerns.

Scheduling and Purchasing Departments
Master Scheduler & Purchasing Manager

Your party’s next stop is at the desk of Have Taste – Will Travel’s Master Scheduler & Purchasing Manager. I block out time on the calendar for shopping, preparation and production of your party. After scheduling, I’ll determine anything and everything that will be needed for the party, make a shopping list and then determine what stores in which middlesexes, villages and farms I’ll send Have Taste – Will Travel personal shopping staff to acquire all of those meats, vegetables, beverages, groceries, tools, equipment and supplies needed for your party.


Your Have Taste – Will Travel Personal Party Shopper will go wherever he needs to go to obtain the ingredients and supplies for your party. I work to obtain the best value for clients when purchasing food, beverages and supplies. I have developed a good network of suppliers. Because the food I prepare is made from scratch, Have Taste – Will Travel avoids prepared foods, I purchase only first quality, fresh and wholesome ingredients. I don’t charge a mark-up on the cost of food, you pay only for my time, any transportation expenses and what the food, beverages and supplies cost me. Your preferences matter — I’ll purchase either conventionally grown produce and meat at supermarkets and restaurant supply houses, or if you prefer, organically-grown produce and humanely-raised animal products.

Packing, Shipping and Warehousing Departments

Once your personal shopper completes all of the purchasing for your party, he delivers the goods to our packing department.

Packing Foreman & Shipping Supervisor

Have Taste – Will Travel’s Packing Foreman & Shipping Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that everything we’ll need for your party is delivered to your home on time and in good condition. I personally review the list of products purchased and now in-house against the list of items needed, carefully pack everything and lay out a route for our Have Taste – Will Travel’s Personal Party Chefonator, so he’ll know where he’s going and how to get there. Once everything’s packed and loaded, I notify the Chefonator that your party is ready to roll.

The Personal Party Chefonator

When Have Taste – Will Travel arrives at your home on the day of the party, I’ll meet with you briefly to go over any last minute issues that may have arisen, review the timetable for the event with you and go over logistics – where to park?, what door should we use to bring in ingredients and supplies?, where’s the best place for me to store things, where do I dispose of trash?, etc. Then, I’ll direct our culinary team to bring the party goods inside and get started on the production of your party.

Scullery Maid

Have Taste – Will Travel’s Scullery Maid tranforms your kitchen into a party production facility. I clear the countertops, wipe down the work areas, and pull out the knives, cutting boards, pots, pans and other tools from your cabinets that I’ll need to create the party. I also maintain the work areas during the day and at the end of preparations clean everything that is used and put them back where they belong.

Sanitation and Safety Officer

Have Taste – Will Travel’s Sanitation and Safety (SS) officer maintains high standards of food safety and cleanliness. I take this responsibility seriously, insisting that safety and sanitation are foremost in every culinary activity I undertake as I pull your party together.


Food Prep Workers

Have Taste – Will Travel’s experienced and professional crew of food preparation workers unpack all of the food and beverage ingredients, sort them according to the dishes that they will be going into and store them on your kitchen counter, or in your refrigerator. I then begin preparing the raw ingredients for your party – washing, slicing, paring, seeding, filleting, butterflying, stuffing, squeezing, marinating, chopping, dicing, julienning, chiffonading, crushing, grinding, pressing, pulling, pureeing, mulling and resting.


As raw foods are prepped, Have Taste – Will Travel’s fry cooks, line cooks and bakers get into the action. I begin measuring, tossing, tearing, stirring, mixing, beating, seasoning, mashing, pouring, scraping, kneading, shaping and frosting as I sauté, simmer, fry, steam, blanche, boil, braise, broast, broil, bake, roast, grill and chill.

Your Personal Party Chefonator oversees and manages every process directing staff to add a little more of this, to bake that a bit longer or to trim that more closely. Until he determines that every dish is just right.

Chef d’Cuisine

You and your guests will love this member of our Have Taste – Will Travel team. I make everything that guests will enjoy at your party. I make a delicious restaurant quality meal, I makes it from scratch and I make it in your kitchen. I specialize in Nuevo Cuban cuisine, but I’m happy to make anything you’d like, so if you have a favorite and don’t see it on Have Taste – Will Travel’s list of popular menu items, just ask. I’m comfortable and competent with many different ethnic cuisines.

Like to watch? I’m glad to have your company while I’m preparing your party, so if you want to watch me pull the party together – pull up a chair, you’re welcome. And, if you’d like to invite the gang over earlier in the day for a little kitchen cooking class, that can be arranged.

Garde Manger

Have Taste – Will Travel’s Grade Manger ensures that every item that comes out of the kitchen looks as good as it tastes. I know that we eat with our eyes first and it’s my job to ensure that appetizer trays are artfully garnished, that dishes at dinner are beautiful, and that dessert plates please the eye as much as they do the palate.



Have Taste – Will Travel can help with wine and beer pairings to complement the menu that you have designed. I’m not a wine or ale’d think with as much practice as I’ve had drinking the stuff over the years, I’d be a pro...but alas. I do, however, know what I like and am happy to make suggestions.



At Have Taste – Will Travel we love grand finales, so we’ll ensure that your dessert selections are sure to please. I’ll create a special dessert for your party that’s sure to please. All or our desserts are homemade. I love sweets and will create something your guests will adore.

While your Personal Party Chef team is laboring in the kitchen getting the food for the party ready, Have Taste – Will Travel’s Home Transformation Team are hard at work in another room setting things up and transforming your home into a party palace.

Design Consultant

Have Taste – Will Travel’s party design consultant has been focused on the perfect look for your home on this special night since the day your party was booked. I create the look and style of service — linens, glassware, tableware, china and serving dishes, along with the perfect floral centerpiece and the best music to accompany this party. I determine how best to set up the room(s) to both ensure optimum guest traffic flow and protection of family heirlooms, priceless keepsakes and fine art.

Logistics Manager and Party Execution Supervisor

While the design consultant is making your space beautiful, the Logistics amd Party Execution Manager is making sure that we have everything we need to ensure a great party and that everything is ready to go and in place when guests arrive. I make sure the bar is stocked with glasses, ice, booze, bar tools and napkins, the appetizer buffet table is set up, dressed, decorated, and ready to go, the dinner table is set, serving dishes have been assigned and serving utensils identified. And I see to it that everything looks clean and fresh, trash has been picked up and disposed of, and all containers, cartons and boxes have been stowed.

I check in is made with the culinary staff in the kitchen to ensure that the party is ready to go – the signature cocktail is ready, the appetizer for the stationery buffet table is plated and on the table, dinner is in its final preparation, and dessert production is in progress. Only one more stop to make – a final check in with Have Taste – Will Travel’s Service, Wait Staff and Assistance Team (SWAT).

Service, Wait Staff and Assistance Team (SWAT)

Cocktail glasses are clean and neatly stacked on the bar. Wines are chilled and breathing. Napkins are out and available. Servers are dressed and looking their best. Have Taste – Will Travel’s SWAT team will take care of your guests, so you don’t have to. Our service is tailored to your needs; I can provide as much or as little service as your party desires dictate. We’ll tend the bar and pick up the empties, pass trays of appetizers and toss the napkins, serve the meal and bus the dishes, pour the wine, and fetch more glasses, and deliver the coffee, dessert and after dinner drinks. Or, if you’d like to serve the meal that Have Taste – Will Travel has prepared as your own, I’ll simply tidy up the kitchen and leave before your guests arrive.

Let the party begin. Then, while you bask in the afterglow of all the wonderful compliments you’ve received about the fabulous evening you created for your guests, Have Taste – Will Travel transfers the baton to its After Party Division.