Mucho Gusto Party Planner

Outlined below is a list of questions you may want to consider as you beginning planning your party. Thinking through these issues will help you to visualize the kind of party you want to produce, and will help us come up with a proposal that is tailored to your needs.

  • Will the party be held indoors? Outdoors? Combination?
  • Are there cooking facilities onsite — Refrigeration? Cooktop? Oven? Microwave? Sink with running water? Work tables for final food preparation and presentation?
  • When will guests arrive and about how long do you expect the party to run?
  • Reception?
  • Cocktail Party?
  • Dinner?
  • Other?
  • About how many guests are you expecting? How many Adults? How many children?
We can provide any kind of service you would like:
  • Servers with trays to pass appetizers during the cocktail party, followed by a full-service dinner?
  • Homestyle Meal Service?
  • Self-Service Buffet?
  • Bartenders?
  • Host attended bar?
  • Other
  • Linen, China & Glass?
  • Paper & Plastic?
  • Will the party have a theme that you would like reflected in the menu?
  • Any particular favorites that we can make for you? — beef, pork, chicken, seafood, etc.
  • Any special dietary restrictions or preferences you would like us to accommodate — vegetarian, food allergies, spicy/mild, etc.?
  • Would you like Mucho Gusto to take care of the beverage service? — Full Bar? Beer & Wine? Non-alcoholic Beverages? (Our Specialties include Mojitos, Daiquiris, Cuban Sangria, Tropical Champagne Cocktails, Tropical Fruit Punches and, of course, Café Cubano).
In addition to food & drink and service personnel, is there other assistance we can provide?
  • Decorations
    We can decorate the party space with a theme to compliment the food and drink...(e.g. Caribbean theme – Cuban memorabilia, tropical fruits and vegetables, tropical plants & flowers, etc.)
  • Music
    We can assist you with recorded music, a disc jockey or live entertainment
  • Furniture & Equipment Rental
    We can assist you in obtaining any special equipment, tableware or furniture that will be needed for the event. (e.g. tents, tables & chairs, linen, glassware, china, lighting and sound systems, etc.)

Do you have a budget for the event? We will do our best to work within your budget.

If you are still formulating the budget, we’ll be happy to submit a proposal to you with recommendations based on our experience for your consideration.