You will find some of the most scenic, quiet and secluded beaches in the Caribbean. With nearly 50 pristine beaches, each with its own unique character, the biggest challenge of your vacation may be choosing which ones to visit.

Most beaches are undeveloped, surrounded by wild native flora instead of concrete and asphalt. This is a place where horses are allowed to roam freely. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, secluded bays... Come and see what true tropical sandy beaches are like.


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Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Vieques offers a wide variety of diving and snorkeling locations around its many rocky inlets and bays. There are shallow beach areas perfect for beginners as well as spots that will thrill more adventurous and experienced divers. The waters surrounding Vieques offer hundreds opportunities for snorkelers and divers to discover and explore many diverse marine ecosystems—near shore and huge off shore reefs, vast grass flats, mangrove lagoons, small off shore islands, the Bio Bay.


There are great adventurous natural trails that will lead to beautiful destinations.


The island is also home of phosphorescent Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay. Vieques' most magical attraction, a dive into the bay is like swimming in tiny stars. This rare and remarkable phenomenon is caused by millions of luminescent dinoflagellates, a tiny form of marine life having characteristics of both plants and animals, which light up when disturbed by movement.


Enjoy great food ranging from typical Puerto Rican fare to fine, European cuisine to American burgers and fries.

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Every road is a relaxing adventure that will take you to interesting places. Enjoy the sights—not traffic jams on your way to the beach, no traffic lights and no annoying billboards to distract you from the beautiful surroundings.

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Some of the finest fishing in the world—shallow flats and reefs all around which attract bonefish, tarpon, Jacks, snapper and more.

Vieques is about 1 mile north of the Puerto Rico Trench. All along the edge of the trench is a great fishing area. Here you'll find dolphin (the fish), black fin tuna, mackerel, sail fish, grouper, yellowtail, and much more. And, if you are looking for a fight, there are plenty of barracuda.

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There's no better way to gain an appreciation of the voluminous flora and ample natural wildlife on Vieques. 140 species of birds, beautiful wild horse, mongoose, iguanas and more.


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Historical Sites
  • El Fortin Conde De Mirasol—The last fort constructed during the Spanish Empire in the New World. Built in 1893 and carefully restored in 1991, the fort now serves as the island's main museum, housing the Vieques Museum of Art and History and the Vieques Historic Archives.
  • The Punta Mulas Lighthouse also known as Morropo was built in 1893. This beautiful old lighthouse still protects the port and boasts a reflector imported from Paris in 1895 which extends a beam that can be seen from as far as 16 miles.
  • The Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust—The Trust operates a small museum in Esperanza. It also has a small aviary to help injured birds, turtles and other local wildlife, a meeting hall, and a laboratory for water and specimen testing. Its gift shop features the work of local artists.

Isabell II

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