Personal Party Chef

What is Have Taste – Will Travel Personal Party Chef Service?

We create parties for you in your home. We talk with you about your party objectives, help you plan the party, shop for the ingredients and supplies for the party, manage any other vendors your party requires, prepare a restaurant quality meal in your kitchen for you and your guests, help you decorate your place and serve you and your guests at your dining table or in your living room using your linens, glassware and tableware. Best of all, we clean-up afterwards — leaving your party palace spotless.

We make intimate dinner parties in your home for groups from two to 25 people.

We make fabulous cocktail parties with appetizers in your home for groups up to 50 people.

Why we created Have Taste – Will Travel Personal Party Chef Service?

We were in the catering business for 15 years and have done a lot of different kinds of events over the years — from huge complex banquet jobs with hundreds of guests, to small simple dinner parties for just a few folks. While large events are profitable, interesting and challenging to produce, we’ve always preferred doing the smaller jobs. We get to be engaged with you, the host or hostess, in the preparation of your home for the party and we have the opportunity to personally impact each guest’s party experience.

We find that creating small to medium-sized parties in our client’s home is so much better than catering the party to a client’s home. Our approach enables us to produce a much higher quality product for you and your guests. With traditional catering, the food for an event is generally purchased a few days in advance and transported to an industrial kitchen where it is prepared a day or two before the event, refrigerated, reheated the day of the event and then transported in holding equipment to the party venue, where it’s finished, perhaps reheated again and plated.

At Have Taste – Will Travel we purchase the food, travel to your home and prepare a restaurant quality meal onsite in your home kitchen the day of the event. This ensures that every item on the menu is going to be at its peak flavor — ingredients will be fresh and ready for eating, chilled things will be cold (right out of your refrigerator) and hot things hot (right off of your stovetop or right out of your oven).

And, Have Taste – Will Travel is a good value. Because you don’t have to pay for the overhead of an industrial kitchen, and because you only pay us for the hours we actually work on your party and the cost of party ingredients and supplies, our Personal Party Chef Service is generally less expensive than traditional catering.

Most importantly, this service enables you to create and throw the party you’ve always dreamed about — a party with your signature — complete with your favorite foods, drinks, music and ambiance. A party you’ll get to enjoy because you can relax assured, knowing that Have Taste – Will Travel will produce it flawlessly.

Contact Us About Your Next Party

We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to pull a successful party together. Especially these days when we’re all working so hard just to get done what we have to get done. Unfortunately, too many of us give up on the whole idea of throwing a party for our friends, family, neighbors or co-workers even though we’d really like to do it.

As nice as the sentiment is, as charming and alluring as the thought is, and as much fun as it would be treating everyone to a great party at your house — you believe that it just can’t happen, because you’ll never be able to pull it all together with everything else you have to do in your life. You simply conclude that it’s just gonna be impossible to pull off, because the thought of doing all the work involved to get the party done is overwhelming...and then there’s cleaning up afterward.

Let us help you — we’ll tailor the job to your needs taking care of as much or as little of the party preparations and the party aftermath as you’d like.