Aperitivos / Appetizers

Bolitas de Platanos / Little Plantain Balls

Ripe, sweet plantains are mashed into a masa (dough). The dough is then shaped into balls, stuffed with savory beef and lightly fried.

Bocaditos / Cuban style canapés

Literally translated “bocadito” is “little mouthful.” The fillings are what make our bocaditos special. Choose: Pasta de Queso Crema (Cream Cheese & Olive), Pasta de Jamon (Ham), Pasta de Pollo y Esparragos (Chicken & Asparagus).

Broquetas / Cuban-style skewers

Skewers of tasty morsels served with our own guava mustard. Choose: Grilled Chorizo & Cheddar, Ham, Roast Pork & Swiss, or Fig & Havarti.

Camarones al Ajillo / Garlic Shrimp

Spanish in origin, this hearty peasant dish is sure to please. Large shrimp are sautéed in olive oil, garlic and limejuice.

Camarones y Fruta Bomba ala Parilla

Jumbo shrimp and sweet papaya are marinated in our own mojo, then grilled to perfection. Served on a skewer with a dipping sauce.

Chorizo Bites

Skewers of roasted, guava glazed chorizo (spicy Spanish sausage) with guava mustard.

Croquetas / Meat Croquettes

Affectionately referred to as Cuba’s national appetizer, these crispy, tasty treats are eaten any time of day in the cafes, and are a staple at every fiesta – choose ham or chicken and avocado.

Croquetas de cangrejos / Crab Cakes

Delicious bite size cakes of crabmeat, vegetables, herbs and spices. Served with one of our special sauces (Mayonesa Rosada, Salsa Espanola or Salsa Aguacate).

Empanadas / Meat Turnovers

Delicious pastry shells filled with savory meat and vegetables. Empanadas are ours by way of Spain, probably through the Moors choose beef, chicken or vegetarian.

Frituras / Fritters

Fritters are a traditional Cuban appetizer, and can be made from many different ingredients choose maiz (corn) or malanga (taro root). Served with our own almibar (sweet syrup).

Frituras de Bacalao / Salt Cod Fritters

Fish, vegetables, herbs and spices combine to make these special fritters extra tasty.

Sandwich Cubanos / Cuban Sandwich

Bite size Cubanos, ham, roast pork and cheese on toasted Cuban Bread.

Tamales Cubanos / Cuban Tamales

Whole kernel corn, cornmeal, vegetables, herbs and spices are combined into a masa and steamed. Accompanied by our own special spicy salsa.

Vegetales Tropicales Frita / Fried Tropical Vegetables

choose “Tostones” (Fried Green Plantains), “Maduros” (Fried Ripe Sweet Plantains) or “Yuca Frita” (Fried Cassava Root).