After Party Division

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» Party Production Division

Crime Scene Clean Up and House Restoration Specialists

Every Have Taste – Will Travel staff member who has played a role in the planning, preparation and production of your party returns to clean-up the mess. Our clean and restore specialists return your house to it’s pre-party it never even happened. We pick up the party mess, put the furniture back in its place, wipe down the kitchen counters, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, store the leftovers, return rentals to their crates and take out the trash.

Bill Collector

Have Taste – Will Travels’ Bill Collector will present you with a final bill for our services when we conclude our services at your party. Because of the estimate you received, you’ll know what the party will cost in advance and will have approved that amount. The only adjustments in your final bill would be to reflect the difference between the estimated and actual cost of ingredients, any last minute adjustments that had to be made and any additional staff time that accrues should your party run longer than planned.

Final Quality Checker

A day or two after your party, you will receive an inquiry from Have Taste – Will Travel’s Final Quality Checker Guy. Our clients seem to like him, but the rest of us here at Have Taste – Will Travel, live in fear of him. We all know that heads will roll if he gets any bad feedback from a customer, and that he’ll leave no stone unturned until he finds out who’s responsible. I want your feedback — what did I do well?, where can I improve?; are there additional services you would like to see Have Taste – Will Travel offer in the future?, will you use Have Taste – Will Travel again?, and will you recommend us to others?